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Full Screen Panorama - weekly feature presented by Hans Nyberg
This month from Copenhagen - Jerusalem - Petra and
San Francisco


2003 June week 23-26 presents some of the worlds best VR Photographers in a weekly fullscreen QTVR feature.

The fullscreen archive contains more than 150 fullscreens published since februar 2002.
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Week 26 - 2003 Fullscreen of the Week

Copenhagen  Nyhavn Christiania

Copenhagen Denmark - Nyhavn and Christiania

2 Fullscreen QTVR by Hans Nyberg

Nyhavn - The New Harbour is one of the areas most tourists visit in Copenhagen.

Filled with Cafe's and Restaurants along the channel the area attracts lots of people during the summer.

The history of Nyhavn goes back to 1671 when King Christian V built it as an harbour which should bring traffic right into the centre og Copenhagen.

Christiania has become known all over the world as a social experiment

from the "Hippie" time. Starting in 1970 it has been a controversial place during many Governments and City councils.

In spite of being known as a forbidden drug deal centre it has survived for 33 years. The story about it is a long story and can not be told in a few words. Read about it at Info Page

Right now the status is that Christiania is allowed to continue until July 2004.

A Poll recently made by Gallup says that 58% of the Danish people

means that it should be allowed to continue while 36% says that it should be closed down.

Yesterday, evening the police made a raid in the Pusher Street, arresting 17 people and seizing 15 kg of hash and similar drugs.

Also fullscreen from Copenhagen by Hans Nyberg The Little Mermaid


Visit Denmark

Denmark Hotels: The official guide to Danish Hotels in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark

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24/6 Sankt Hans - Midsummer Bonfire

Yesterday was Sankt Hans in Denmark. Midsummer bonfires have been custom all over Europe, but Denmark is the only country where it is still custom in every city and village. The weather yesterday was not suitable for photo but I have a couple of panoramas from last year. I published one last year in Week 26

And here is another one from Ebeltoft Bay

And one from the beach at Risskov north of Aarhus

Week 25 - 2003 Fullscreen of the Week

Kotel - The Western Wall - Wailing Wall Jerusalem by night

Qtvr by Michael Fankhauser Swiss-American-Israeli, living in Jerusalem. Born in Switzerland, grew up mostly in the U.S. and immigrated to Israel in 1999. Working with visual communication as a photojournalist, photo editor, photo researcher, photography instructor, and graphic designer.

A quote from The Paratroopers Cry by: Haim Hefer

This Wall has heard many prayers
This Wall has seen the fall of many other Walls
This Wall has felt the Touch of mourning women
This Wall has felt the petitions lodged between its stones.
This Wall saw Rabbi Yehuda Halevi trampled before it
This Wall has seen Caesars rise and fall
But this wall has never seen paratroopers cry.

On June 7 1967 only 2 days after the start of the Six Day War Israeli Paratroopers entered the Old City of Jerusalem and the first place they searched for was the Kotel - in most European countries known as the Wailing Wall.

In Jewish history this place is the most holy place just as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher only a few hundred meters from it is the most holy place in Christianity.

And also behind the wall a few hundred meters away is the Al Aqsa Mosque. For Moslems the third most holy place in the Muslim world.

Let's hope that some day soon the Muslims and the Jews will be able to share this areas in peace.

The Kotel also has an inside area which is entered in the left corner of the wall. That is where your Virtual Tour at the wall starts. The cabinets you see contains the Torah the Five Books of Moses which is Judaism's "holiest" book

You stand right at Wilsons Arch which is named after a British explorer who found it in the 1860s.  

For more info about the history of the Western Wall here are some links.

The Western Wall

Western Wall (

Jerusalem Archives - 1920 Kotel

Week 24 - 2003 Fullscreen of the Week

Petra the forgotten City - View the Treasury in Petra as Indiana Jones did.

by Greg Downing

The City of Petra was hidden in the mountains of Jordan for thousands of years when a young Swiss explorer Johan Ludwig Burckhardt rediscovered it in 1812.

Temples, tombs, and other buildings are all carved out of the sandstone cliffs, which also gives it the name the "rose red city"

In the last scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade the Treasury serves as a secret temple lost for hundreds of years.

And that is actually what it is. This place is impossible to capture in a normal still image. You have to visit it, or the next best -

- You can see it in a cubic QTVR as here in Greg Downings panorama made last year as an assignment for Intel.

Greg visited some of the most famous places in the world during this assignment, but he describes the visit at Petra as the most memorable.

Read the interview with Greg Downing in the last issue of VRMAG.


View more of Greg Downings panoramas at his website

Jordan - Touristic Sites - South of Amman

BBC - Holiday - 50 places - Petra

New issue online

Greg Downing is the VR artist in the last issue of VRMAG just now online.

This issue is full of articles about Virtual Reality Photograpy, Photographers and other VR related news.

You will find articles about several of the photographers who have been presented at Charles Evans from 2002/22, Jook Leung who has several Fullscreens 2002/17, 39, 52 and 2003/1-2, 14e

Tito Dupret 2003/7 Read about Tito in The Valley of the Kings

And from the old VRmag issues Erik Poppleton 2002/46, Bostjan Burger 2003/5 and Francois Panchard 2002/34

Week 23 - 2003 Fullscreen of the Week

Cupid's Span by Carrington Weems from

Carrington Weems is a photographer in Austin Texas specializing in Virtual Tours for industries Virtually Anywhere in the United States.

Cupid's Span situated at the waterfront of San Francisco is a sculpture by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen.

It was installed November 21-22, 2002. Read this article in the San Francisco Cronicle.

Oldenburg a pioneer of Pop Art was born in Sweden but has lived in United States since childhood. Coosje van Bruggen is a Dutch-born sculptor and author who have been collaborating with Oldenburg for 25 years.

She was married to Oldenburg in 1977.

The bridge you see in the panorama is Bay Bridge

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