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Interactive panorama stitched by: Hans Nyberg - Panoramas.dk

Apollo 12 - Approach and Landing - November 19, 1969". 16-mm sequence camera view of the landing, from 19,000 feet to the lunar surface.. The video of the landing was produced by Gary Neff.

Launched: 14 November 1969
Landed on Moon: 19 November 1969 UT 06:54:35 (01:54:35 a.m. EST)
Charles Conrad, Jr., commander
Richard F. Gordon, command module pilot
Alan L. Bean, lunar module pilot

The camera used for this panorama was a
special version of the Hasselblad 500.
It had a grid right in front of the film which gives you the hair crosses you can see in the panorama. Several other Hasselblad cameras was also used.

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

118:33:10 Al's 4 O'clock LM Pan

On the lefthand side of this assembly, the ALSEP can be seen in the distance between the flag and the Solar Wind Collector (SWC). The smaller of the two mounds near the ALSEP site can be seen between the ALSEP instruments and the SWC. The frames are AS12-47- 6982 to 7006

Images used for this panorama
AS12-47-6982 (OF300)
118:33:10 First frame of Al's 4 o'clock pan, showing the ALSEP Central Station with the flag and the SWC on either side in the foreground. Journal Contributor Karl Dodenhoff notes that a detail shows two pieces on S-band antenna hardware discarded during its deployment.
AS12-47-6983 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6982, centered on the US flag with the ALSEP array in the background at the right. Note the foot-grabbing loops on the TV cable.
AS12-47-6984 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6983. Down-Sun image with the U.S. Flag on the right and part of the S-Band shadow on the left. The flat object in the foreground is the S-Band antenna cover.
AS12-47-6985 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6984. Down-Sun image the S-Band antenna cover in the foreground, the S-Band shadow to the left of Al's shadow, the LM shadow on the far left. Note the foot-grabbing loops in the TV cable at the lower right.
AS12-47-6986 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6985, with the S-Band antenna on the left.
AS12-47-6987 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6986, Pete is working at the MESA, trying to get the rock box latched on the MESA table. The HTC is in the foreground.
AS12-47-6988 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6987, centered on Pete at the MESA. Note the color/shadow chart hanging at the edge of the MESA. The ALSEP deployment tapes are hanging from the left side of the spacecraft. The S-Band is at the right side of the picture.
AS12-47-6989 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6988, showing Pete at the MESA and, on the left, the minus-Z strut on the inner slope down into Surveyor crater. On-board measurements indicated that the spacecraft was pitched up (backwards) by 3 degrees and was rolled left (away from the camera in this picture) by 3.8 degrees.
AS12-47-6990 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6989, showing the plus-Y (north) footpad on the right and the minus-Z (east) footpad on the left with the southwest wall of Surveyor Crater in the background. Note the ALSEP deployment tapes on the farside of the LM and the bend plus-Y probe in the foreground.
AS12-47-6991 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6990, showing the south wall of Surveyor Crater with the minus-Z (east) footpad on the left. Note the blocky ejecta upslope from the two fresh craters in the south wall. Block Crater on the north wall is surrounded by similar blocky ejecta, which undoubtedly represents local bedrock which may have been broken by the original Surveyor Crater impact and then dug out by the smaller impacts.
AS12-47-6992 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6991, showing the southeastern wall of Surveyor Crater with the sunlit, upper structure of Surveyor III visible in the deep shadow of the eastern wall. Al may have just changed f-stops and seems to have gotten dust smudges on the center of the lens and on the upper left. There are no indications of smudges on 6991 or prior images.
AS12-47-6993 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6992 and centered on Surveyor III. See a detail.
AS12-47-6994 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6993 with Surveyor III just to the right of center.
AS12-47-6995 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6994 with the Sun on the left.
AS12-47-6996 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6995. Up-Sun.
AS12-47-6997 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6996. Up-Sun.
AS12-47-6998 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6997 with the Sun on the right.
AS12-47-6999 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6998, with a great deal of glare. Note the reflectivity of the smooth compressed surfaces in the foreground bootprints.
AS12-47-7000 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 6999, with the TV camera on the left.
AS12-47-7001 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 7000, centered on the TV camera.
AS12-47-7002 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 7001, with the TV camera on the right. Note that the crater just beyond the TV camera to the left and the relatively large crater beyond the TV both have raised rims.
AS12-47-7003 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 7002.
AS12-47-7004 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 7003, with considerable overlap.
AS12-47-7005 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 7004, with the Solar Wind Collector (SWC) in the distance on the left.
AS12-47-7006 (OF300)
118:33:10 Leftward of 7005, and centered on the SWC.
AS12-47-7007 (OF300)

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