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Apollo 15
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Interactive panorama stitched by: Hans Nyberg - Panoramas.dk

Launched: July 26, 1971.

Landed on Moon: July 30 22:16:00 UT

David R. Scott Commander
Alfred M. Worden Command Module Pilot
James B. Irwin Lunar Module Pilot

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

The Apollo 15 Flight Journal

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Video Journal from Apollo Lunar Surface Journal at the time when the images for panorama was made

Below is description of the single images used for stitching this panorama

Jim's second Station 2 pan contains frames AS15-85- 11446 to 11465.

123:07:37 Jim has moved farther downhill to take this down-Sun "before" of the double core site. Dave has the core sections in his SCB and has come up to Jim's left so that, once Jim finishes this picture, he can get the core sections out.
AS15-85-11446 (OF300)
123:17:15 This picture is the first frame in a Station 2 pan Jim took from the double-core site on the rim of a small crater above the Rover. The picture is down-Sun and shows his shadow going down into the crater. Bennett Hill and the rille are in the background, with Hill 305 at the right.
AS15-85-11447 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11446. The Station 2 boulder is on the right with Hill 305 in the distance. The rake head is still sitting on top of the boulder.
AS15-85-11448 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11447. Centered on the Station 2 boulder with Hill 305 in the distance.
AS15-85-11449 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11448, with the Station 2 boulder on the left and Dave at his Rover seat on the right. View up the rille over the Rover.
AS15-85-11450 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11449, showing the view up the rille toward the northwest. Dave is at the Rover and the gnomon is on the ground at his right foot. The gate at the back of the Rover is open. It is hinge on the left, the side closest to the camera.
AS15-85-11451 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11450. Dave is still working at his Rover seat. There are Rover tracks going through a small crater just east of the parking spot.
AS15-85-11452 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11451, showing Dave reaching down to the Rover floor. Note that, in order to bend, he has his left foot out to the side with the knee bent and, also, has his right leg back with the knee bent. By doing this, he is able to lean about 30 degrees off vertical to his right. The TV record shows that he is putting the tongs down on the Rover at this point.
AS15-85-11453 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11452, toward the shadowed west face of Mt. Hadley. The summit is sunlit, but the northwest ridge line is still in shadow. Elbow Crater is in the middle distance.
AS15-85-11454 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11453. Jim has probably changed the f-stop and we can see some suggestion of detail in the shadowed areas of Mt. Hadley showing up because of light reflected off the surrounding terrain. The Swann Range are at the right and were named for the lead Apollo 15 geologist, Gordon A. Swann of the U.S. Geological Survey. Note the Rover tracks winding across the picture from the right edge, toward the center, and down to the left.
AS15-85-11455 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11454. Beautiful view into the Swann Range.
AS15-85-11456 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11455. View into the Swann Range. Some detail lost in the sun glare.
AS15-85-11457 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11456. Except for the foreground, most detail lost in the up-Sun glare. Jim took the pan at about 1650 GMT on 31 July 1971. The solar azimuth and elevation are 98.4 degrees east of north and 20.9 degrees, respectively.
AS15-85-11458 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11457. View diagonally up the slope of Hadley Delta.
AS15-85-11459 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11458. View diagonally up the slope of Hadley Delta.
AS15-85-11460 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11458. View toward the summit of Mt. Hadley Delta. The closer slope is part of the outer wall of St. George Crater.
AS15-85-11461 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11460, showing the view in the direction toward St. George Crater, which is hidden by it's own rim.
AS15-85-11462 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11461, showing the view diagnonally upslope to the south.
AS15-85-11463 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11462. The 10-meter crater at the Station 2 double core site is at the right.
AS15-85-11464 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11463, across the uphill rim of the 10-meter crater on which Jim is standing.
AS15-85-11465 (OF300)
123:17:15 Rightward of 11464. Down-Sun final of Jim's Station 2 pan taken on the east rim of the double-core crater. As Jim told Houston at 123:17:12, he has slid downhill to the north during the course of the pan. Compare this picture with AS15-85-11446.

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