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Apollo 16
Original Photos : NASA

Interactive panorama stitched by: Hans Nyberg - Panoramas.dk

Launched: April 16, 1972

Landed on Moon: April 21, 1972 02:23:35 UT

John W. Young Commander
Thomas K. Mattingly Command Module Pilot
Charles M. Duke, Jr. Lunar Module Pilot

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

The Apollo 16 Flight Journal

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From Apollo Lunar Surface Journal: 143:13:46 4 O'Clock LM Pan,
Start of EVA-2

S16-107-17420 (OF300) Charlie begins a pan taken north of the LM with this frame showing part of the U.S. flag on the left and the Solar Wind Collector (SWC) at center.
AS16-107-17421 (OF300)

AS16-107-17435 (OF300) Rightward of 17434. This is a good portrait of the LM, the MESA, the SEQ Bay, the Rover. John is beyond the Rover, collecting a rock sample.

AS16-107-17436 (OF300) 143:13:18 This frame is part of a pan that Charlie took at the start of EVA-2. It shows the LM, MESA, Rover. John is beyond the Rover collecting a rock sample. On the left side of the image, as shown in a detail, we see the empty Quad III Payload Pallet compartment where the UV camera was stowed. The thermal blanket that covered the compartment hangs down from the bottom. As indicated on page 194 of the Final Lunar Surface Procedures document, the LRV Aft Pallet was stowed to the left of the Payload Pallet.

Pano 2

Apollo 16 image Journal for this panorama

Images used for this panorama: S16-113-18349 - S16-113-18370

S16-113-18349 (OF300)
Charlie has started an ALSEP pan from just south of the RTG. This first frame is a down-Sun of the magnetometer.

AS16-113-18350 (OF300)
Rightward of 18349, showing the magnetometer.

AS16-113-18351 (OF300)
Rightward of 18350, showing the magnetometer. John is visible beyond a small, local rise, possibly near the central geophone. The RTG is in the foreground.

AS16-113-18352 (OF300) ( 128k or 816k )
Rightward of 18351, across the RTG.

AS16-113-18353 (OF300)
Rightward of 18352, across the RTG. The object beyond the RTG is probably a piece of discarded ALSEP packaging material.

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