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New years Eve in Amsterdam

New Year fireworks seen from the Blauwbrug, Amsterdam one of the most beautifull bridges across the Amstel.The original wooden bridge was made in 1555 and was painted blue, hence its name Blue bridge.

The current, new bridge was designed in 1884 by van Springer and de Greef who were more then inspired by the bridges across the Seine. Down the Amstel you look at the Magere Brug or Skinny Bridge. Under the red glowing light you see the Stopera, build on the Waterlooplein, where the fleemarket is. The Stopera is a City Hall and Opera combined.

In Amsterdam people mostly have their New Year celebration at home with friends, and only come out in the streets for the fire works. The younger people go out more nowadays and go for a celebration into the city for example on the Dam there was a party with 20.000 people going on.

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