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Rostock G8 Demonstrations

June 2 2007

Text Michael Stoß
The demonstration started at two points, one being the central railway station, the other being a traffic cross in the outskirts of Rostock. From these two points people moved through the city to join in the harbour area where a stage for speeches and music awaited those who wanted to listen - not all of the 50.000 or so people showed up for this reason.
The demonstration starting from the central station started peacefully, with happening like events and shows, many of the participants dressed out in fantastic costumes. A "black block" was more uniquely dressed and acted less peacefully. In the middle of the main traffic lane of "Lange Straße" a bank got its windows demolished and when the participants reached the final manifestation area at the harbourside, members of this part of the demonstration soon were involved in fightings with the police. The fighting continued until late afternoon. 430 police officers and 520 participants were injured, many of them seriously.

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