View the same panorama in 5 sizes.

Sizes 1280x1280=1.6mb, 1600x1600= 2.5mb, 2000x2000= 3.6mb, 2750x2750=6mb, 3500x3500= 8,8mb

Compression in Pano2VR was 75 for all sizes. This panorama contains a very large amount of details and thats why the sizes are still quite large. Most panoramas will compress to smaller than 2mb at 1600x1600.

The panorama was made with a Canon 5D and the Canon 15mm fisheye.

6 images at -10 degree + zenith and nadir. Images was bracketed with +2, 0, -2 EV

Raw images converted to 16bit tif ADOBE RGB with Photoshop Camera Raw. No sharpening added.

The bracketed sets was enfused with Bracketeer. (Mac only) Another Enfuse frontened is EnfuseGUIfor Mac and Windows.

The enfused 16 bit images was stitched in PTGui with maximum output 11000x5750 pixels 16bit TIFF. Interpolator bicubic normal.

Final panorama optimized for colors and a small amount of unsharp mask was added. Radius 0,4 - 160%

After optimizing it was Converted to 8Bit sRGB and saved at 3 resolutions in Tif,

11000x5750 - 8000x4000 - 6000x3000

Photoshop interpolator Bicubic Sharp (best for reduction)

The final cubefaces was made with Pano2VR best interpolator Blackman/Sinc

Cubefaces 3500x3500 and 2750x2750 was made from the 11000 panorama.

Cubefaces 2000x2000 was made from the 8000x4000

Cubefacces 1600x1600 and 1280x1280 was made from the 6000x3000

The crop below is from the 11000 panorama and the centre of the 3500x3500 cubeface to show that this is the maximum resolution.

Equirectangular 11000x5750
Cubeface 3500x3500

About FPP viewer Zoom levels.

Zoom is the default way of setting the FOV of the panorama.

The zoom level adjusts both vertical FOV and horisontal FOV depending of the proportions of the panorama.

ZOOM 1 is VFOV 65 HFOV 90 on a Widescreen 3:2 screen


Church Wall paintings in Denmark
Danish frescoes
Danske Kalkmalerier

Denmark probably has the largest amount of medieval wall paintings in Europe. In Danish they are called Kalkmalerier = Lime paintings, as they are painted on a layer of limewash. Most of these paintings are from churches and Denmark has about 1700 preserved medieval churches. Most of them has probably been decorated with wall paintings.

Today we have about 600 churches with visible paintings and there are probably many undiscovered paintings behind the many layers of lime wash which was used during the 18th and 19th centuries to cover the paintings.

Why cover them?
Perhaps a change in taste, but as you will see, some of the paintings also were very obscene and grotesque which during the pietistic 18th century was considered not suitable for a church.

The oldest paintings from 1100-1300 are of Romanesque type and were painted by painters imported from south Europe, but during 1300 -1600 it changed to a Gothic style and Danish painters took over and developed there own style.

The very first wall painting which was uncovered in Denmark was in the Cathedral of Roskilde in 1826. The Cathedral is one of the 3 Unesco World Heritage sites in Denmark.

The oldest painting in Denmark is from around 1100 and was found in the church of Jelling in 1874. The Jelling Church, the burial mounds and Jelling stones is ALSO a Danish World Heritage site. The paintings in the church today is a reconstruction as it was not possible to save them with the methods they had in 1874.

Introduction to the restoration of Danish wall paintings
by Kirsten Trampedach - National Museum of Denmark

Danske Kalkmalerier a database by Axel Bolvig at the University of Copenhagen


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