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In PTGui you can export your panorama in many different projections. One of the most useful ones is the Vedutismo (called Panini in Hugin) .

Using Vedutismo you can present a 170 degree view that looks natural without the normal bowed horisontal lines you get in a cylindric or equirectangular panorama or the extreme distorted edges as they will get as a rectilinear image.

You get the best results with large long halls like below. You can see that the opposite wall has slightly bowed horisontal lines but they have been minimized as they are close to the centre.

The top view is the maximum rectilinear view in PTGui 160 degrees. The Vedutismo panorama covers around 174 degree.

Another example of a 140x107 degrees panorama, to the right as a rectilinear and below as Vedutismo.

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