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photokina 2006 September 26 - October 1 reports from the IVRPA BOOTH

Photokina, the large photo trade show in Cologne Germany is now over

Our organisation the International VR Photographers Association was represented with an exhibition right in the centre of the large messecenter.

I was there all week together with several other VR Photographers.

We have produced panoramas from some of the most important booths and events at the show.

I present some of my own here and at the IVRPA website there is additional panoramic coverage.


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Photokina used to be the place were all the last news in photography was presented. The internet has changed all this.

Today new cameras are presented all the year around and special photokina news are already known several weeks before the show.


Without "real news" how do do you attract the public.

At NIKON you could see a dance show.
The lookalike Marilyn at OLYMPUS
More Girls at the FUJI Booth
KODAK had a fashion show with "Kodak inspired" clothes
At LEAF the girls stayed on the sideline while the main attraction was a magician who attracted a large public every day.

How many of them was interested in the product they have is another story.

The ADOBE Booth with Sports Car
The Photoshop seminar at ADOBE also attracted a large public.
Enlargers ?

Yes they still exists. A couple of weeeks ago I gave away for free my $8000 Durst after trying to sell it for 5 years but at Photokina Kaiser, KIENTZLE among others still exhibit even if the public seems to be very small.

National Geographic Exhibition

Nikon Booth


Lomography has grown to a business


The target for the test shoots at Sony was a setup of the famous stuntman Evil Knievel

Canon Booth


Phase One

UK photographer Drew Gardner at the Phase One booth

Apple Booth

For the first time Apple is represented at photokina

IVRPA Booth Photokina 2006

Cologne September 27

IVRPA the international VR Photography association exhibition at photokina.

Our stand at the photokina gets quite a lot of attention.

Situated right in the centre of the show in hall 5.1 a lot of visitors passes by.

Apple Event at Photokina 2006

Cologne September 25

As expected Apple presented the new update of Aperture at the Photokina Event tonight.

A full house at the Gürzenich Hall applauded when it was told that the new version would be a free update.

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Photokina 2004 the IQTVRA Exhibition

IVRPA was also at the last photokina in 2004. As you can see we have changed name since then from International Quicktime VR Association to International VR Photographers Association.

Even if Quicktime VR is the "father" of immersive 360 degree interactive photography, Quicktime is no longer the only way to show it with.


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The IVRPA is an international association of professionals who create and produce interactive, immersive images.

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