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I often hear VR photographers say that cubic QTVR is more distorted than a spherical image displayed in PTViewer.

Is that true? NO

If the viewers are set to display the panorama at the samne FOV the perspective is displayed exactly the same.

The problem, and this is probably what has caused the misunderstanding, is that the FOV is set in different ways for QTVR and PTViewer.

QTVR use vertical FOV and PTViewer horizontal FOV. This will cause some large differences if you use the same settings.

The initial FOV is set to 84 degrees in the Quicktime movie

The maximum FOV is in both set to 120 degrees.

Try to zoom out to max on both and you will see how distorted the QTVR looks. For a QTVR the max allowed FOV should be no more than 90 degrees which is the same you get with the largest rectilinear lenses available for a fullframe 35 mm camera.

Which corresponds to 100 degrees horizontal in PTviewer <param name="fov" value="100">

The problem becomes larger if you displays the QTVR in widescreen proportions. For example as a fullscreen in browser with some space for text at bottom. On for example one of the new widescreen monitors.

View an illustration of what happens here

To demonstrate that the to viewers displays exactly the same perspective I made a screenshot of the 2 views.

The image to the right shows the Java viewer

Move your cursor over the image to see the QTVR view

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