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TIPS & TRICKS FOR VR - Distortion 2
The proportions of this 2 panoramas is 1-2 which is what you get if you displays a QTVR using percentage height and width in a fullscreen browser with menus and around 90% height settings to get some space for text and copyright.
As you can see vertical FOV is still the same on the QTVR movie which results in a very large distorted view in the sides.

In PTviewer the vertical FOV is now smaller.

This means that if you want to display QTVR in very wide screen proportions you should set the initial fov to around 65 and the max to around 90.

What you can do to avoid the extreme wide angle is using the tag "aspect" instead of "tofit"


This will show the movie in the proportions you created it and scale it to the space you are showing it in.

However as you can see the actual movie is still filling the same space. In this case I have set the BGcolor of the movie to gray to demonstrate this.


You have to set it to the same color as the background of your page.

Like this.


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