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Making panoramas from a balcony
Christening the Crown Prince
Palace Church January 21 2006
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The Royal Wedding.
Crown Prince Fredrik and Mary Donaldson in May 2004

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On January 21 2006 a new Crown Prince was christened (CNN News) in Denmark.

I was assigned by the Danish Radio/TV to do panoramas from the event at the Palace Church.

I visited the church 14 days before to do the empty church and could see that this would need some special equipment and technics.

The photographers in the church had to take images from the balconies in the church which you can see in this panorama of the empty church.

For a VR photographer this places are of course not the ideal place but in a case like this the fact that you as a VR Photographer has got the attention and got the accreditation to an event like this is a great progess.

The dream place for a VR would be this:

To do the panorama from the balcony with a normal tripod or by hand would not be possible. I had to get the camera out in front of the balcony to be able to take the panorama.

I did not know which balcony I would be on if I got the accreditation to be in the church. And the accreditations was not published until 2 days before the day.

I had to be prepared for any situation.

I decided to do it with a tilted monopod which I could rotate from the bottom. The special monopod tripod is my standard setup for the Sigma 8mm fisheye which I also used for another very special action shoot.

The Gondola Tour

Normally I have the rotation unit below the panohead but in this case it was mounted at the bottom of the monopod to be able to easy rotate the camera from below.

I got a place at No 4 balcony from the alter together with 3 photographers from Associate press, Getty images,and Politiken (Danish newspaper). 5 images around was used for the panorama. 4 is usually enough but with 4 I could hide by moving to each side of the tripod when taking the back images.

The large dynamic range caused by the lighting from a TV spot right behind me had to be handled by making 2 conversions from some of the Raw images and mixing them.

Stitching was made with PTMac and Photoshop

The panorama made from a tilted setup like this can be stitched in 2 ways.

1. By first stitching the panorama in the tilted rotation (se below) and after the stitching straightening the horisont by using vertical controlpoints in PTMac or PTGui.

2. You can also do it all in one by straightening the first anchor image with vertical controlpoints.

I found that the first way was the easiest and most reliable.

View the panoramas at

Camera Canon 20D with Sigma 8mm fisheye

Canon Remote control and Timer

Manfrotto monopod and Traypod.
Manfrotto rotation unit 300N

Homemade panoramahead of own construction

Images RAW 400 asa
1/45 sec 5,6

The panorama from the empty church was made with the 20D + the Nikkor 10,5mm fisheye (with adapter)

Stitched panorama with a tilt of 20 degrees. To straighten it to a normal horisont you only need to import it to PTMac/PTGui and set 3-4 vertical controlpoints. Optimize and convert it. It only takes a couple of minutes.
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