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Straigtening a panorama
How do you straighten a panorama made with the horizont in a different angle or with the horisont curved and the vertical lines incorrect.

Any panorama which has got a Misaligned horizontal, can be straightened perfectly with PTGui or PTMac.

In this case the stitch was made in a tilted rotation by purpose but in reality 50% of the cubic panoramas I see on the net suffers from small miss alignments which makes them difficult to pan and which actually is causing people to be sea sick. Even as little as a vertical tilt of 1 degree is very annoying.

The good thing is that it is very fast and easy to correct.

Open the panorama in PTGui/PTMac choose 360 degree Equirectangular in lens settings.

Set 2-3 vertical controlpoints as below. Optimize and create the panorama as Tiff or JPG.

Final result
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